I'm Terrence, but call me Terry. Just do it. I'm originally from Miami. I grew up into art & anime. But tech and code took over most of my life. Eventually mechanics found its way in as well as I have a huge love for Camaros and LS motors. So really, I'm a person who desires to have a large skill set. Being able to solve many problems on my own is one of my aspirations. Of course I'm team oriented, work smart not hard, I'm just the type to expand my knowledge when I'm working on something.

So nowadays, I'm currently unemployed, but I focus on improving myself, honing my skills. When I have the chance to have fun, I play a lot of League of Legends, PUBG, and other games. My biggest hope currently is to be a part of 100 Thieves as I'm in love with the overall team. One of my focus is eSports, mostly League of Legends NA LCS, so I want to see an organization that has flare grow exponentially.

If you need to reach me, check the links below. I'm all over the internet as MrXXIV, so you won't miss me. I'm always around. If you have work needed to be done, whether it's Web Development or a logo, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here with a creative & open mind. Thank you for being here!


Code: My main field is Web Development. So of course I do HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more. For the back-end, I prefer to work with Linux Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP, and MariaDB. In other words a LEMP stack. I used to build websites with WordPress, I hate WP actually. Now I build even social networks with frameworks like Symfony. I keep my servers updated daily. I'm all about a balance performance and security, so I want my current & future clients to feel safe and understand that I know what I'm doing.

Design & Media: I grew up drawing, I thought it'd be my only passion, but then tech took over of course. But in this modern era, I do work with Photoshop & Illustrator from time to time. Nowadays I've been trying to up my skills in After Effects and even Final Cut, so videography, cinematography and motion graphics are in my future.

Build: Not only do I build computers, websites, anything tech related. I'm also building my knowledge and skills on cars. That being said, I have a 98 Honda Accord, my first personal project. Before the end of this year I'll be racing with it, using an LS motor with an RWD transmission. Crazy right?


Some of these projects are long-term, some are concepts. I take pride in all of my work. Some not everyone will agree with, whether it's structural, graphical or functional. But that's a part of art. Let's get into it.


But as I was focusing on V1, I realized that how I structured the website was not good enough, not was the site aggressive enough. So I decided to do another version from the ground up again. This is my declaration that I msut be on the team.


Since the first day of Nadeshot's announcement that there will be an official League of legends NA LCS team, I was hooked. I already had the vision, the admiration for the team's style and culture. I want to be a part of the team, but I need to show for it.


Since the days that I used to be on the Xbox daily, I met someone who was fun, but knew how and when to be serious. Inspired by one of the most charismatic guns on Destiny, the name Her Vengence was born, I needed to expand that vision.


As a fan of the V8 engine made by GM, a motor that has been swapped on many cars across the world, known to be cost & race effective. I wanted to help expand the community's knowledge by creating a social network.


Honestly, I made this because I was tired of having to pay so much to send mail when we have large networks. I need to save money and learn to build on larger infrastructures, so this became one of my person projects.


Sites like OkCupid, eHarmoney (whoops), and Badoo have all paved the way for social interactions on an intimate level. I built MyLovr because I think we should shave the pay walls & give people better ways to express themselves.


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